Friday, 4 March 2011


Orbit paperback, 1976. Cover artwork by Chris Achilleos.

"Earth, 2000 years after the final holocaust which drove man deep underground; a ghostly, deserted planet peopled only by the diligent robots who, century after century, silently harvest grain which no man will eat. 
Up into this eerie world comes Mel, a questioning young roamer who has disobeyed the Law which says he must never venture into or beyond the Lost Levels. Together with three companions, and a companion not of this Earth, Mel takes on the awesome task of freeing human beings from the tyranny imposed on them by their remote ancestors; of justifying the agonized cry of Barney as he died in a Forbidden Level: 'I am a man! Everything is for man!'"

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anthony t w myers said...

i like that they airbrushed her but crack out of the picture. hahah