Monday, 26 January 2009


Sphere paperback, 1974. Cover artist uncredited.

"In his new book the author of We Are Not The First and Atlantis turns his attention to the nature and enigmas of time. Time, he argues, is not an abstraction: yesterday and tomorrow are as real as today. To illustrate his thesis, he quotes a number of temporal anomalies and poses some highly provocative questions. 
Is it true that astronauts in an interstellar rocket will travel straight into the future? How is it that when an empty parking lot was photographed with a special infra-red camera, the developed film showed cars which had been there before, thus photographing the past? 
Did ancient Egyptian sages leave a coded forecast of all future events from 100 BC to 2100 AD? How in modern times have prophets from Nostradamus to Jeane Dixon predicted future events with such uncanny accuracy? 
Can the Time Barrier be broken? Is time television a scientific possibility? These and many other equally fascinating problems are answered in this book, written on that thin borderline which separates science from science fiction, fact from fantasy."
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