Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Coronet SF paperback, 1973. Cover by Chris Foss.

"He was a man - but they changed him into a guinea pig. 
The world is dying. A disease more terrible than cancer ravages its populace. Scientists struggle when people die in their thousands. There is no known cure. 
Pete Bratton was a simple man. A drifter who let life nudge him from one day to the next. A nowhere man in a world of pre-destination and disease. A man who should have died, but who survived the terror of Virus Y and became a phenomenon. A human guinea pig for eager scientists to store the ideology of a dying civilization by memory transfer. 
But what of the real Pete Bratton strapped of his rights as a few individual and strapped to an operating table for the cause of science? 
And what of his own mind as it slowly dissolves into a jumble of conflicting ideas and personalities?"
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