Sunday, 9 September 2007


Mayflower paperback, 1973 reprint. Cover painting by
Bob Haberfield (thanks, Mark).

"Karl Glogauer, obsessed with the bright silver crucifix that dangles around the little girl's neck, tortured by his growing sexuality and the overwhelming mystic power of religion...Karl Glogauer loves with Eva, innocent and beautiful, but he is too destructive. He loves with a troop of middle-aged women, but they are just a training ground. He loves with Monica, but she is explosive, she stings like a scorpion. He loves. He tries to love. He tries... 
The story of Glogauer's crisis and identity weaves between modern london and ancient palestine, between Glogauer's erotic hunt for personality and Christ's journey to the cross. This is perhaps the most controversial portrait of Christ ever painted."
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