Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Diary Of A Spaceperson: 
"This book is a facsimile of parts of a diary discovered during the excavation of the New Venice site. It charts the extraordinary adventures of a typical student who refers to herself simply as 'J'. In her own inimitable language she describes and illustrates her sensual and spiritual odyssey through time and space as she is buffeted by circumstances and chance encounters. The dates bear no relation to known calendars or chronologies and carbon dating has so far been unsuccessful in identifying the age of the material. 'J' is a bubble, lively yet also essentially serious girl - almost to the point of pedantry. Throughout her voyage of self-discovery she is compelled to make regular entries and drawings in her journal, her most fervent desire all along being to return home - to Earth. However, despite her best intentions she finds herself in all sorts of fixes that, in the worlds she moves in, inevitable lead to quite serious and unpredictable consequences..." 
Chris Foss: 
"Chris Foss is almost certainly the most admired illustrator working in the science fiction field. He came to prominence in the 1970s with his unique and now much-copied lumbering spaceships. Since then his work has been constantly in demand by publishers and film-makers the world over. He was born in 1946 and spent his formative years in both Devon and Guernsey. After spending some time at Cambridge University he found work as an architectural draughtsman and designer. 1968, however, saw his inevitable move towards life as a freelance artist. His childhood passion for railways is now surpassed only by his passion for art, especially the depiction of machines in landscapes. He has worked on major movies, including Superman, Flash Gordon and ALien. His versatility extends to illustrating the two highly successful books The Joy Of Sex and More Joy Of Sex."

Update: Feb 2016: some images removed as they violated some Google policies - mainly the partial nude sketches. May upload elsewhere...

This is kind of a repost, but looking back, I only scanned two images from this book (not including the cover and illustration from the rear of the dustcover - above) ... not sure why. A lot of the paintings inside are of Foss' post 1970s output; illustrations for Asimov reprints, etc. but they are outnumbered by the black & white pencil drawings of young women wearing little more than laser pistols, straps, and ... stuff. In case it wasn't apparent that Chris Foss illustrated the Joy Of Sex books, Diary Of A Spaceperson hits the point home.

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