Saturday, 10 March 2012


DAW paperback, 1978. Cover illustration by Josh Kirby.

"The situation bore an alarming resemblance to the classic Gothic situation. But since it was taking place on the planet Esmerelda in the Barnum System, there were differences. 
There was a disputed inheritance - an interplanetary robot-making business. There was the uncle who had taken charge, a cyborg now, fifty per cent human, fifty per cent machine, and one hundred per cent smiling deceit. There was the innocent young heir, the boy, Tad, in the clutches of this uncle and his sinister household. Even the weather was foggy and gloomy, and Tad could find no friend to help him from what seemed certain doom. 
That is until he stumbled across the wreckage of the family's greatest engineering triumph, the super-robot Electro. With nothing better to do, he secretly repaired it. And then, once Electro was on his feet and ticking electronically away, wicked cyborg uncle - watch out!"
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