Saturday, 10 March 2012


DAW paperback, 1976. Cover illustration by Karel Thole.

Supposing yours was an advanced Utopian race on a planet that had eliminated war so long ago that nobody knew how to conduct an adequate defense. And suppose that your solar system were then invaded by a fleet of alien militarists? 
This is what happened to a certain planet in the Constellation Eridanus - and what its leaders did was to seek a primitive race that still engaged in warfare. 
So they kidnapped a band of experienced soldiers - Napoleonic veterans fleeing Moscow through the snows of that terrible winter of 1812. 
Captain Bernard of the Imperial Dragoons took on the task. But being a loyal Bonapartist campaigner, he had ambitions that Utopian aliens could not suspect. 
Barbet's novel of THE NAPOLEONS OF ERIDANUS is a surprise-filled romp in transposed history that will delight war-gamers, Dorsai-fans and space-exploration buffs!"
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