Wednesday, 15 February 2012


DAW paperback, 1980. Cover art by Josh Kirby.

"His name was Adolph Hibbler and he had escaped the doom of Hitler's Reich by inventing the cryogenic deep freeze long before the rest of the world. As a human icicle he had been just a circus sideshow for many decades until he finally thawed out - in the 21st Century. 
The trouble began with a series of mysterious events and the government had to call in Odd Jobs, Inc. But when Jake and Hildy Pace started uncovering the clues they found an odder job than any previous capers. 
There were the lost cassettes of the world's greatest sex fiend to locate. There were model planes that fired real bullets. There was the army of baby-doll killers. And there were the revolutionary gas station attendants and the Arabian shiek who had ignited them. 
Only Odd Jobs, Inc. could have connected all these cockeyed clues and come up with Hibbler. When they did it sure looked as if they - and the world - were on a spinoff orbit into infinite disaster!"
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