Saturday, 21 August 2010


Paper Tiger paperback, 1980. © Dragon's World, Solar Wind Ltd. Cover
painting Phssthpok, for Larry Niven's Protector.

Painting for the novel Ox by Piers Anthony.
Cover for the novel Timesnake & Superclown by Vincent King.

Cover for the novel Stranglers Moon by Charles Leader.

Cover for the novel The Space Merchants by C. M. Kornbluth and Frederik Pohl.

Cover for The Man Who Awoke by Lawrence Manning.

Cover for Isaac Asimov's Buy Jupiter.

Painting entitled The Night Watch.

Cover for the anthology The Best Of Robert "E" Silverberg.

Cover for the novel Today We Choose Faces by Roger Zelazny.

Cover for Eric Frank Russell's Deep Space.

Cover for The Silent Invaders by Robert Silverberg.
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